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ASEAN and Korea, China, and Japan Prepare Strategy for Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture for Next 10 Years
Date 2017-10-12
◈ Plan to participate in the 17th Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry as well as the Ministers of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea* (17th AMAF Plus Three)

 * The meeting was launched to expand cooperation in the fields of food, agriculture, forestry and fishery in 2001 and has been annually held with the participation of minister-or vice minister-level officials of member nations 
ㅇ (Objective) Strengthening cooperation among 10 countries in the ASEAN and Korea, China and Japan.
- Pioneering export markets for Korean fresh produce (bilateral consultation, sales promotion, etc.)

ㅇ (Period and venue) Sep. 28 (Thu) - Oct.1 (Sun) / 4 days and 2 nights / Thailand
   - 17th AMAF Plus Three (Chiang Mai) / Export market development activities (Bangkok)

ㅇ (Main activities) Participation in the 17th AMAF Plus Three, bilateral negotiations in the quarantine sector with Thailand and the Philippines, and participation in sales promotion events in local markets and meetings including major invited buyers



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