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Seeking Sales Channels for Korean Flower Growers by Exporting Korean Phalaenopses to the US
Date 2017-09-25
□ The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affaris (minister Kim Yung-rok) said that the ministry has paved the way for the export of phalaenopses and cymbidiums in pots grown by Korean farmers.

❍ The United States finally announced an amendment to a federal statute to allow the importation of Korean phalaenopses and cymbidiums in pots on September 14, 2017 and the new law will come into effect on October 16.

□ This will make it possible to export Korean phalaenopses and cymbidiums in pots, empowering Korean phalaenopsis and cymbidium farmers to make a large scale foray into the US market.

※ Previously, Korean farmers were only allowed to export cut flowers without roots and young seedlings without cultivation media.

❍ Accordingly, the MAFRA anticipates that this amendment will help revitalize the Korean flower industry, which has been suffering from a drop in flower sales ignited by the enactment of the Anti-Solicitation Act.

□ The sale of Korean phalaenopses is expected to begin in the US market as early as the first half of next year.

❍ Following the announcement, the APHS of the US should approve Korea's greenhouses which cultivate phalaenopses and cymbidiums, and they should pass inspections* by Korean quarantine authorities.

    * An inspection to check whether or not phalaenopsis and cymbidium seedlings have pests before being trasnferred to approved greenhouses.

□ "We will expedite Korea phalaenopses and cymbidiums exports to the United States by actively publicizing export quarantine requirements that have been newly set in accordance with the US federal legislation for phalaenopses and cymbidiums among farmers and exporters in Korea," minister Kim said.


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