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General Private Seeds Can Receive Seed Testing Service to Satisfy International Standards
Date 2017-09-18
◇ The revision of the Seed Industry Act (the establishment of Article 42-2 concerning seed tests) transferred domestic private seed testing work from the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service to the Korea Seed and Variety Service

◇ Target crop and quality test items: 382 species of seven items, six test categories, including germination rates

  ○ (Target crop) 51 kinds of grass, 8 kinds of food, 18 kinds of beans, 27 kinds of small beans, 72 kinds of vegetables, 193 kinds of flowers, 13 kinds of other crops

  ○ (Test item) Germination rate, moisture, purity, heterogeneous seeds, foreign bodies,

◇ Expected effects

  ○ High quality test service for domestic seeds according to an internationally standardized method (ISTA standard)

     - A systematic and accurate seed test will establish the basis for the quality assurance of the domestic seed market, which will cut back on seed-related disputes between farmers and seed companies.
       * The Korea Seed and Variety Service operates the only ISTA certified laboratory (Seed Test Research Center) in Korea.


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