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Switching to the Prevention-Oriented Avian Influenza (AI) Quarantine System
Date 2017-09-14
□ 1 Early construction of constant prevention system 
  ◈ Checking quarantine of both full-time and vulnerable farms until September
  ◈ Supporting CCTV installation for all farms
   ※ Current measures: Quarantine focuses on winter season and AI after it breaks out / Managed from breeding farms to shipment

□ 2 Structural innovation for disease-resistant poultry industry
  ◈ Reorganizing dense breeding areas where AI recurs, and modernizing facilities
  ◈ Improving animal husbandry standards to turn them into environmentally friendly animal welfare types
   ※ Current measures: Based on commercial farming and practices

□ 3 Strengthening Risk Management with Science and Technology
  ◈ Peaceful use of advanced technology to prevent occurrence of AI
  ◈ Establishment of AI vaccination system in preparation for emergencies
   ※ Current measures: focusing on manpower input

□ 4 Supporting autonomy and responsibility of local governments and farmers
  ◈ Construction of local self-defense system
  ◈ Incentives and penalties for enhancing responsibility of farmers and systemized operators 
   ※ Current measures: Focusing on regulations and farmers’ responsibility, as well as uniform protection led by central government

□ 5 Completion of poultry-related facilities by end of September, as well as special prevention of AI and foot-and-mouth disease for PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games from October to next February



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