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Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency Holds "2017 Asia-Pacific Plant Quarantine International Standard Workshop"
Date 2017-09-06
□ The Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (director Park Bong-gyun) is holding "the International Plant Protection Convention (FAO/IPPC) Asia-Pacific Workshop for Review of International Standards for Plant Quarantine in Busan from September 4 to 8, inviting international standard experts on plant quarantine in the Asia-Pacific region and representatives of the FAO. 
❍ This workshop, which has been hosted by Korea since 2006 as part of an international agriculture and forestry cooperation project is being held in Korea this year for the 12th time. Approximately 40 experts from Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and developing countries in the Asian region are reviewing newly drafted international standards on plant quarantine, collecting opinions from the Asia-Pacific region.

□ The workshop is collecting participating countries’ opinions about an amendment to international standards on terms of plant quarantine and disinfection requirements for internationally moved wood packaging materials.
❍ The workshop is also discussing the international transportation of cut flowers and requirements for fumigation which is being reviewed as an additional phytosanitary measure. 

□ "In order to strengthen international influence related to plant quarantine, we will continue to pursue international agricultural and forestry cooperation projects in order to improve the plant quarantine capacities of developing countries in Asia, which are expected to expand agricultural trade with Korea. At the same time, we will work closely with related international organizations," said an official of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency.
❍ In particular, Korea actively carried out international activities and has been involved in the development of the FAO/IPPC as a leading country in the field of plant quarantine including the successful conclusion of the 12th General Congress of the FAO/IPPC in Songdo, Incheon, and it expressed support for the establishment of 2020, the UN’s Year of International Plant Protection.

□ The APQA official added that they will actively step up efforts to apply the opinions of Korea in an amendment to the international phytosanitary standards by collecting opinions of Korean experts.


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