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MAFRA and MOF Have In-Depth Discussions on Their Core Policies
Date 2017-09-04
◈ Building a country where farmers work without worries, and consumers eat safe agricultural products, as well as creating agriculture and farming areas with returning young people and new jobs.  

 ① Restructuring the agricultural policy structure by way of the restoration of rice prices. Fundamentally reforming the frame of agricultural administration. 
② Turning a paradigm of the livestock industry into an animal welfare type. 
③ Actively preparing for agriculture in the future by restructuring the agricultural policy structure and the nurture of young farmers.   

◈ The restoration of the maritime industry, the protection of marine territories, and reviving our seas.
① Recovering Korea’s position as a shipping powerhouse via the establishment of Korea Maritime Promotion Corporation, shipowner-shipper cooperation and coalition formation between shipping companies, etc.
 ② Defending marine territories by driving out illegal Chinese fishing boats and creating a sound marine environment through fisheries resources management and integrated marine environment management with the participation of fishermen.



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