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"Olympic Food, Daegwallyeong Korean Beef" Selected as Theme of July Food Tourism
Date 2017-08-02
◈ K-Food Road*, has selected "Olympic Food, Daegwallyeong Korean Beef" as the theme of this month's food tourism 
    * Support for the development of special food and tourism contents to promote food tourism and find new routes

  ❍ Publicizing a food tourism theme that links local tourism resources such as the Olympic ski jumping stadium, 
     sky ranch, and Euiyaji Wind Village, with a focus on Korean beef in Daegwallyeong of PyeongChang. 

       ※ Package Name: "Olympic Food, Korean Beef in Daegwallyeong"
       ① Alpensia ski jump pad → ② Ski History Hall → ③ PyeongChang Korean Beef Center →
       ④ Sky Ranch (Animal feeding, horseback riding) → Euiyaji Wind Village (rural life experience village, as well as 
          cheese-making and potato pancakes, etc.)

   ❍ The fam tour, which is to be broadcast on Afreeca TV, will be produced as video content in the future and promoted
     * through online media such as SNS.
     * A search of 'K-Food Road' on YouTube (www.youtube.com) will lead to the videos in versions of English, Chinese, etc.

◈  In order to support the successful hosting of the PyeongChang Olympic Games, K-Food Plaza will be established 
    and operated during the Olympic Games, and a global CEO summit of the food and restaurant sector will be held. 



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