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MAFRA to Hold Second Workshop for Food Service Companies That Advanced Into Overseas Markets
Date 2017-07-06
◇ Name of event: Second Workshop for Food Service Companies Which Have Made a Foray into Overseas Countries 'Jump Up! Korean Food Service! '

◇ Time: 13: 30 - 17: 30, July 5 (Wed.), 2017 

◇ Location: Rehoboth G Campus 

◇ Attendance: 70 people including those from food service companies and related ministries and offices

   * Those from MAFRA, aT, Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency, food service companies and etc.

◇ Details

   ○ (Introduction of government’s support projects) 2017 food service industry promotion projects, and
      projects to support Koreans suffering from international intellectual property rights disputes 
   ○ (Sharing company information) Forming mentoring relationships between companies which have succeeded in 
       overseas markets and companies interested in tapping into overseas markets.



PR / Marketing


Sino Korea Co., Ltd. 

Southeast Asia

Daedae FC (Representative 
brand: Honey Chicken)


Hurum (Representative 
brand: Yogurberry)

New advancement

VS Company 
(Representative Brand: Bentorang)

Overseas business 

JK Global 
(Representative brand: Yardllie Chicken)



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