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Korean Eco-Friendly Rice Evolves, Enjoying Win-Win Partnership With Starbucks
Date 2017-06-12

◇ (Selection result) Jeon Dae-gyeong, CEO of Mideum Agricultural Cooperative in Gyeonggi Province

 (Contents of the sixth industrialization of agriculture) Building an eco-friendly rice contract farming and rice 
production complex in Pyeongtaek City, Gyeonggi Province (first industrialization); producing rice-processed products (second industrialization); operation of program to rice processing, and diversifying distribution channels to include those such as Starbucks (third industrialization)

 (Innovation) Jeon has pioneered various distribution channels such as producing processed agricultural products based on excellent technology, as well as distributing and exporting them to large discount stores and Starbucks. He has succeeded in the sixth industrialization of agriculture by means of the development of original brands.


◇ CEO Jeon Dae-gyeong’s strategies for success in the sixth industrialization of agriculture

 First, taking the lead in the promotion of rice consumption and win-win cooperation, as well as the creation of production complexes for contract farming of eco-friendly rice and rice processing.

 Second, meeting the needs of finicky consumers with high quality agricultural products produced through certified and patented technologies. 

 Third, differentiated marketing and publicity through the development of original brands, as well as the establishment of various distribution channels such as large discount stores and Starbucks.



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