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Development of Lily Varieties for Differentiation Expected to Replace Imports and Increase Exports
Date 2017-06-07

◈ Song Cheon-yeong, a professor of the Department of Floriculture at the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries (KNCAF) has held a fair for new varieties of lilium longiflorum and Asiatic lilies used for differentiation and landscaping.

    ◦ Five varieties of Lilium longiflorum and 15 varieties of Asiatic lilies were exhibited.

   ◈ The distribution of bulbs to the Korean market and the export of bulbs to overseas niche markets are both expected

       to increase farmers’ incomes.   


0605_Development_of_Lily_Varieties_for_Differentiation_Expected_to_Replace_Imports (1).docx

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