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Level of Korea’s Agricultural, Forestry and Food Technology Stands at 78.4% Compared to World’s Top Level
Date 2017-06-05

◈ Agricultural, forestry and food technology evaluation in 2016 revealed that Korea’s level was 78.4% of the world’s top level and was 4.3 years behind it.

   * Technology level: (2014) 76.1% → (2016) 78.4%, technology gap: (2014) 5.6 years → (2016) 4.3 years


○ (Purpose) 

   Diagnosing Korea's technology level and grasping its technological development by analyzing the level of      

   technology in the agri-food sector through comparisons with other nations, and making use of the results of the 

   diagnosis as basic materials for policies

* Grounds for project: Article 16 (Evaluation of technical impact and level) of the "Agriculture, Forestry and      

  Fisheries Food Science and Technology Promotion Act"

○ (Evaluation contents) 

   A survey of technology levels and gaps in nine major countries in 32 sub-categories (131 sub-sub-categories), 
in ten sectors of the "Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science and Technology Classification System Technology Classification Table (2014)”

* Nine major countries: South Korea, the USA, Japan, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and 

○ (Evaluation results) 

   Korea's agricultural and food technology level was 78.4% compared to the country with the highest 
level (the USA), and Korea lagged 4.3 years behind the USA.

  ○ (Utilization Plan)

     Promoting technological development by making R&D investment in agriculture, forestry, and food



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