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MAFRA to Build High-Quality Big Data Map for the 4th Revolution in Agricultural and Food Sectors
Date 2017-06-01
□ The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) has created a data map to accelerate the utilization and openness of    large high quality data that will be used to lead the fourth industrial revolution.
  ○ The 'Agricultural Product Data Map' is the first attempt by the government to convert the existing process-oriented administrative      services into data-driven ones.
      - After collecting all data in the agricultural and food sector, the project will intensively manage the useful and high-value-             added data as core data and visualize them to identify data relations between sectors. 

 ○ A total inspection by the MAFRA found that about 20 organizations operated key data in 166 agricultural and food sectors and         about 4 billion data were collected and updated annually.
      * Key data of agricultural products department (166): Farming businesses, beef histories, prices of agricultural product, etc.

□ The MAFRA is planning to lay the foundation for the fourth industrial revolution based on data and algorithms by actively utilizing      convergence tasks in the agri-food sector with the data map in the future. 



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