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Thorough Preparations Pave Way for Strong Export of Korean Fresh Fruits
Date 2017-05-26


Strengthening education in quarantine requirements for export markets and beginning to forecast diseases and pests which export markets are concerned about in order to increase the export of domestic fresh fruits and dial up the income of farmers.


  ◦ Carrying outcustomized education for farmers to ensure quarantine safety.


    * Farmer education including export requirements and quality control tips (31times 1,737 persons)

  ◦ Beginning a survey to forecast diseases and pests which export markets are concerned about such as fire blight.


Despite the fact that some fire blight outbreaks occurred in some areas under the Jungbu regional office in 2016, prevention activities of the private and public sectors sparked off an increase in the export of Korean fresh fruits.

   ◦ Approval of export complexes, quality control (QC) centers, management of quarantine at orchards, 

     and quality control centers, etc.


   * Operation of export complexes (quality control centers) in 2016: three items (apples, pears and grapes) /

     20 cities and 58 counties in six countries

     * Exports:9,700 tons (2015) 9,995 tons (2016) (3% increase)

       ◦ Establishment of sustainable export base including management of production-stage quarantine, etc.


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