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MAFRA, Securing Expanded Exporting Opportunities for Korean Agricultural Foods in Malaysia with Homeplus
Date 2014-12-02

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA, Minister Lee Dong-phil) announced that it would host a Korean food exhibition in 20 TESCO stores in Malaysia from November 27th to December 10th.  

MAFRA concluded an MOU with Homeplus Co., Ltd. via the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) in order to expand Korean agricultural food exports to TESCO stores in Asia and Europe.

As a result, 30 exporting items from 5 companies made their entry into TESCO Malaysia stores in 2012, followed by 133 items from 17 companies in 2013. Through this years event, 17 additional items from 3 providers made their market debut in Malaysia.

The export of Korean agricultural products to Malaysia shows amazing growth, with a volume of USD 76.7 million as of October 2014, which is a 32.2% increase year on year.

Popular products are processed foods including corn starch, starch pulp and coffee preparations and fresh produce like strawberries.

This years Korean food exhibition is large-scale and the 1st event of its kind in Malaysia to showcase Korean foods only.

There will be 20 Korean companies from solid small- and medium-sized business including Nokchawon Co., Ltd., Cheongwoo Confectionary and Songhak Co., Ltd., as well as major food companies like Nongshim Co., Ltd., Daesang, Lotte Confectionary and Binggrae Co., Ltd.   

Around 150 various items will be introduced from fresh produce including kimchi, gochujang (red pepper paste), kim (roasted seaweed) and rice to processed foods such as beverages, baked goods and ramen (instant noodles).

In the 20 TESCO stores in Malaysia where this fair will take place, other spectacular events will be held including samulnori (traditional Korean percussion music performance).

Below are some highlights of this years event:

Some food manufacturers* made their first export contract to Malaysia through this event.

*(Nokchawon Co., Ltd.: 6 items) 2 ginseng tea & yulmucha (Jobs tears tea), 2 matcha, grain tea; (Cosmos: 5 items) 5 types of snack; (Cheongwoo Confectionary: 6 items) 6 kinds of snack

Aiming at the Muslim population in Malaysia*, there will be around 30 new halal foods made in Korea including ramen, kim, some beverages and kimchi. It is meaningful for Korean agricultural foods to enter the halal food market of Malaysia.

*Malaysian halal market is 1.3% of the worlds halal market (USD 8.04 billion / approximately 6,500)

Director of Export Promotion Team, MAFRA, said, Malaysian consumers prefer recognizable brands and imported foods among young generations. Theres also an increasing trend of health supplement demands.

The director added, Among higher income households, theres a growing demand for Korean food as the Korean Wave or Hallyu is spreading around the region.

With this years Korean food exhibition collaborating with Homeplus-TESCO, the ministry hopes to expand exports of Korean agricultural produce to Malaysia. 


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